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Life is what you make it, truly. Using the Law of Attraction, I continue to manifest my experience. Whatever my energetic vibration, something is always there to meet its frequency exactly; many things have taken place in short bursts of time to convince me of its existence. Here’s one, I am able to meander through my experience in physical form making connection to what some refer to as source, god, spirit, energy (this list ad infinitum) and this allows me to reach beyond the present, which in effect, is really now the past.



Reiki is an energetic healing practice thousands of years old rediscovered. Interestingly enough, it’s become readily available to people desiring complementary health care. A recent study listed Reiki in the top eleven (10), alongside chiropractic, cupping, steam, acupressure/puncture and hot rock massage to name a few.

People are apparently practicing open mindedness. With wellness becoming a booming industry, how does Reiki fit into this with its humble nuances?

Reiki at level 1 allows for self treatment and develops spiritual growth as well as awareness. Reiki sessions can be done almost anywhere. A treatment leaves the individual feeling well rested and balanced. Being performed by oneself makes it affordable and once the recipient is attuned to Reki level 1 energy, the connection lasts a lifetime.



BOTI Studios was an amazing experience for me. I am a changed man both physically and spiritually.

- Rakib Hasan


It's really about you. At BOTI Studios, our mission is to provide and expand high quality services to our clients, promoting balance and wellbeing. With awareness of this, we remember it's about the experience to the individual.

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