BOTI Studios has both a large and medium sized room for larger events along with private rooms available for rent.

Meet with clients, potential investors, conferences both in person or via Zoom/Skype, host webinars, podcasts and online classes or workshops in an highly energetic atmosphere.  We have WiFi access, bookstore & garden that double as break/waiting areas and complimentary beverages, occasional snacks. 

We are a Revenue Share operation for Private Room & Venue rental 30/70% (us/you) with a $30 minimum. For our Venue we also, host donation based events with a 50/50% ($30 minimum applies) and offer a flat rate for Venue rental on Free Conscious Life Style Events at $75/2-hours depending on the event and alignment with our facility purpose.

Call to schedule your event/private room now with Lucinda at: 714-220-8351

Call now to schedule your Conscious Life Style Event at our place. We look forward to scheduling you into BOTI Studios!