An Evening with X Roads TV CEO Sharifah Hardie

Q and A with X Roads TV CEO Sharifah HardieJoin Sharifah Hardie, CEO of X ROADS TV Sat., September 22nd at BOTI Studios in Anaheim for a powerful Q & A session. This incredible event will allow you the opportunity to ask Ms. Hardie your business questions, discover how she successfully raised millions through social media, PR, & advertising, and how you too can have the business you dreamed of!

This is an opportunity for you to network with like minded individuals, ask questions directly from a Powerhouse in business, media and technology and build the business you truly desire. Your business will never be the same! Ask Sharifah Anything!

X ROADS TV, a multi-platform digital network, created to stream television, film, and video content to a unique and diverse audience recently announced their entry into the digital streaming arena by offering 5M shares of stock at $0.50 per share.This offer is available to friends, family & accredited investors only. Make your investment online at X Roads TV today! For more information call +562-822-0965 or attend this life changing event!

607 South Harbor Bl. Anaheim, CA 92805
1 mile North of Disneyland

Saturday, September 22nd
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM