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Georgina Robertson

Thank you for lovely card reading, and guidance given, it was very much in line with what is happening, and helpful. Thank you

Kira Little

I loved the reading I got in the live feed today. She was 100% on point with my situation and the issue I have with myself. She gave me advice that I will follow in hopes to get the outcome I desperately want.

Judy Mina-Ballard

I did an online tarot card reading with Lucinda. I was super skeptical…because “online” how could THAT work? But let me tell you…i got the opening doors card. New opportunities…

I had JUST MOVED = new house
This was almost literal as i open all of the doors in this new place and see possibilities EVERYWHERE!
I was just offered a new part in a play
I just picked up a new client.

A. Ma. Zing. Thank you, Luci for making it possible…to show me im on the right track.

Joanna Sifuentes

Thank you for helping me to better see what is already there. I appreciate your timely responses when I reach out. Great at tarot readings and great at reiki healing. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking clarity and understanding.

Tiffany Ann

Spot on and so compassionate!

Debbie Hardy

I recently had a card reading from BOTI studios and I was focusing my question on my career (business). I just asked what they could tell me, what it was I need to know. They did the reading and sent it to me and I was amazed on how detailed and accurate it was! They hit on points of things that I was actually thinking about a few days before, and I had not told anyone of those ideas!! It gave me the confirmation that what I was thinking about doing is the right direction to go in. Thank you so much! I highly recommend a reading from BOTI Studios!

Lisa Farley

I had a reading done at Boti studios from the very cool Steam Punk deck It was right on the money AND a Reiki Session. Not only did I feel completely relaxed and at ease yet energized I could literally feel the heat rising from my body It was amazing Luci is so calming and makes you feel as though you’re part of her family ~ It was a Great experience and would recommend Boti Studios to anyone.

Kimberly Bonnar

Got to experience a wonderful session with Lucinda yesterday, still feeling blissful!

Rosina Hodges

Love Lucy and Jenice, they are truly amazing and I very much appreciate the reading that was given on “Live”. It was very helpful and spot on with my current life. I’ve recently gone on a spiritual awakening that has brought new changes and will need to do more mediation. Highly recommend BOTI Studios LLC page to anyone seeking guidance. Love and light many blessings  

Kaila Mason

I won a free psychic reading from a raffle at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim a few months ago and had the honor of working with Lucinda and Jenice. Lucinda gave me not only an incredibly accurate “cold” reading (which was actually super warm and inviting) she also helped me heal on such an incredibly deep level. By far, the best reading I’ve ever had – I was deeply touched on a soul level and did not expect to also have a healing that day. Deep gratitude to this amazing team! And Jenice worked with balancing my auric field and elements with the pendulum – which wasn’t even technically included in the reading that I had won. These beautiful women go above and beyond and are definitely from Above and Beyond. Blessings to you both and I love you infinitely, Sisters. 


It's really about you. At BOTI Studios, our mission is to provide and expand high quality services to our clients, promoting balance and wellbeing. With awareness of this, we remember it's about the experience to the individual.

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